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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is an excellent resource for driving a targeted audience to your site quickly. At eJustice, we combine organic search engine optimization (SEO) strategies with PPC marketing to help our clients generate cases quickly and to maximize their return on investment. While organic SEO strategies focus on the long term, they can take time. Through paid search rankings, we are able to take advantage of our clients' short term budget by achieving top rankings almost immediately.

We have managed hundreds of Sponsored Ads over the years and have always maintained a good relationship with representatives from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) search ranking experts use advertising strategies to assure that your PPC campaigns run as efficiently as possible, giving you the most "bang for your buck." You set the budget, we'll do the rest. We will identify the keywords your targeted audience is using when searching for an attorney in your area and will help you select the keywords that will not only drive people to your site, but will actually convert.

Our proven PPC strategies include:

  • Conversion tracking which allows us to see when someone completes a desirable action on a client's site (i.e., fills out a contact form, requests additional information or makes a purchase).
  • Managing a user funnel, meaning that we are constantly cross-referencing data in Google Analytics so we can identify and act upon trends and/or deficiencies when they arise to ensure that never miss an opportunity to reach a goal.
  • We utilize URL tagging technology when creating PPC ads so we can be sure that every site/landing page visitor is accounted for and that we never have to guess where a visitor or conversion came from.
  • Split Testing - Involves actively testing two Paid Search ads (for the same keyword) or landing pages against each other, resulting in an ever evolving and improving advertisement.
  • Landing Pages - Portal pages tailored specifically to the searchers' query. This allows you to identify on an individual basis where each visitor should enter your site, creating a customized experience specific to the visitor's needs.
  • Click Fraud Monitoring - In Click Fraud, a user is imitated by a person or computer program by browsing the Web and clicking on an ad. The main purpose of this activity is the artificial generation of a charge per click without having actual interest in the website associated with the ad.

On the Web as with other media, it's best to use a combination of marketing strategies to maximize your results. PPC and SEO each offer unique benefits and when used together, they provide a blend of internet marketing that will make sure your site reaches its largest audience.

Learn More about PPC Marketing

PPC can be a powerful tool for your firm. To learn more about PPC and how it can help your firm generate cases, contact our PPC marketing experts today.